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This post may contain affiliate links.

I can totally feel you on this one. I, too, worried about how much time it would take up. The nice thing about Arbonne is that you can fit it into any lifestyle. I know people who built a business with just 10 hours a week. That’s the equivalent of using your lunch hour and maybe an hour in the evenings or a few on the weekend.

I recently read a great blurb that really put time into perspective for me. If you calculate the number of hours you have in a full week, it comes to 168 hours. Deduct 40 hours for a full-time job and about 56 hours for sleep and you have 72 hours leftover. Take it a little further and deduct around 3 hours per day (21 hours total) for getting ready and traveling to and from work and you are down to 51 hours.

51 HOURS! To use as you please. You can use it to spend time with friends and your family, for fun and recreation, or for building a business. The point is, a lot of us, me included, feel we don’t have a lot of time. But, the reality is, we actually do have the time for the things that are important to us.

Once I realized how much time I wasted watching Netflix and scrolling through social media, I knew I could find a few hours throughout the week to build a business for my future.

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