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We lead busy lives so sometimes we need quick exercises we can do at home in order to get, and stay, in shape.  For your arms, look no further than this quick and easy arm routine.  You will need a set of dumbbells. This routine should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and really works those muscles. Each exercise flows into the next exercise so try to complete all four in a row for each set.  Aim for 3 sets.


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Bicep Curls – The example shows single-arm dumbbell curls but I prefer to do both arms at the same time. 

Side Raises

Overhead Presses – The example shows these being done while sitting.  I prefer to do them while standing so I can flow into each exercise flawlessly.

Tricep Kick Backs – The example shows one arm at at time.  I prefer to squat low with both legs together and do both arms at the same time but this is just as effective and may be easier.

Additional Exercises

If you would like to push it a little further, add in the following (you will need a chair or bench): 

Arm Squeezes –You will bring your arms behind your back and lift them as high as you can.  You will then try to touch your thumbs together.  I pulse my arms together about 100 times.  If you can’t yet do 100, work up to it.  If you feel your arms falling, try to lift them up again.  It’s amazing how much you will feel this particular exercise.

Push Ups – If you are just starting out, try doing wall push-ups.  Face a wall and lean against it at an angle with your palms against the wall.  Lower yourself towards the wall and push back off.  Once you are ready for more advanced push-ups, try a modified push-up.  Work up to full push-ups where you are in plank position.

Tricep Dips

As you gain strength, add heavier dumbbells and up your reps. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to get a toned body. You just need to be consistent and constantly push yourself to do more. Follow these exercises up with The 5-Minute Morning Stretch.

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