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For years, I have struggled with working out and not because I don’t like working out.  I love the feeling of getting stronger and the energy boost I get from it.  I struggle because, between the actual time spent working out and the hour or two I have to spend afterwards showering and getting ready, it takes so much time.  It has kept me from leading a healthier lifestyle. 

But now that I am buckling down and committing myself to a healthier, more fabulous life, I’ve crafted the perfect, yet simple, post-workout beauty routine that makes it a little easier to hit the gym without feeling like I am wasting so much time. 

1. Cleanse my body.

If I have 5-10 minutes or so for a quick shower, I’ll throw my hair up in a shower cap and wash the sweat off.  However, I don’t always have 5-10 minutes tospare.  In that case, a few wet wipes dothe trick.  They make wet wipesspecifically for washing off after a workout, but these can be expensive.  I, personally, will use plain old baby wipesto wash off my body and a facial cleansing cloth for my face.

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2. Moisturize.

Keep your skin from drying out with a great lotion or body butter.  I like to use a lighter lotion on most of body after a workout and some body butter on my feet, knees, and elbows where the skin tends to get most dry.  Go ahead and tone and moisturize your face, as well, to give it time to soak into your skin before you apply makeup.

3. Get Dressed.

Bring your clothes and accessories with you to the gym.  Once you have cooled off and cleansed your body, go ahead and get dressed.

4. Fix my Hair

For my hair, first gently towel dry any wet strands or run the blow dryer for a few minutes and then I use a dry shampoo.  Spray a few quick spritzes, do a quick massage into the scalp, and run a brush through it and it’s good as new.  Add a little styling with a curling iron or flat iron and you are ready to go.  I will warn, though, that this does not always work if your hair is especially greasy.  Sometimes you need a some extra spritzes and sometimes it’s best to spritz a little and then work your hair up into a ponytail or messy bun.  Both can still make you look put together with a great outfit and good makeup. 

5. Makeup.

Lastly, apply your makeup.  If you have limited time and great skin, you can get away with a quick makeup routine.  Just do a little concealer, powder, mascara, and lip gloss.  I like full makeup (although my full makeup still looks fairly natural) and my routine takes me about 15 minutes, so I usually make sure I have the time for it. 

That’s it.  The whole routine should take you no more than 25-35 minutes depending on how involved you get with your hair or whether you shower or not.  If I can workout and be ready to go within 30 minutes afterwards, I consider that a win! 

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