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I am not much of a morning person so I will do everything I can to make my mornings easier.  Here are a few of the things I like to do the night before that make getting up and out the door a less difficult process:

Lay Out Your Clothing.  

I placed a large hook over my door on the inside of my closet where I hang my clothes for the next day.  I include my bra and underwear to make it as easy as possible to get dressed in the morning.  This helps eliminate my habit of standing in my closet for 10+ minutes trying to decide what to wear.  You can use a hook, a special place in a drawer, or any other usable space that works for you.  

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Lay out Jewelry and Accessories.  

I have a jewelry armoire with a flat top where I will lay any jewelry I’m going to wear the next day.  I also place my socks, if necessary, up here as well and I place my shoes on the floor next to it or by the front door.  We don’t like to wear shoes in the house so I do my best to put them on by the door before I leave.  If you have any other accessories you will be using/wearing keep those things in the same place.  

Set Out Hair Straightener/Curler. 

I have long hair so I would have to get up an hour earlier just to shower and dry my hair.  Therefore, I usually shower and dry my hair in the evenings and I set out my hair straightener and curling iron on the counter for easy access in the morning. If you like to shower in the mornings, go ahead and set out your hair dryer.  I know it seems like it doesn’t take much time to get out your tools in the morning and put them away but the few extra minutes it saves really does make a difference.  

Set Out Makeup.  

Along with my hair tools, I also like to set out my makeup bag and brushes so they, too, are ready to go.  If you don’t have the counter space then keep them in an easy to reach place.  

 Place all items needed for next day by the door. 

Gather everything you will need to take with you when you leave the house the next day and place them by the front door or in another spot in your home that you can access quickly on your way out.  

Set out all non-perishable breakfast items.  

Set out any items you will need for breakfast including bowls, plates, utensils, etc., and, of course, non-perishable food items like your bread or cereal.

Place all perishable items in an easy-to-reach container in the fridge.  

If you are using eggs or any other items from the fridge place them all together in an easy-to-grab container. That way, all your items will be ready for breakfast the next morning.

If you have a baby or kids add:

Lay out the baby’s and/or kids’ clothes.  

Like for yourself, lay out your baby’s or kids’ clothes and accessories the night before so it is easy to get him/her/them changed in the morning.

Pack diaper bag/backpacks/etc.  

Pack your baby’s diaper bag with everything you will need for the next day along with any bags that your older children may need. There shouldn’t really be anything that you won’t be able to pack until the next day so you can place these bags along with the other “stuff you need for the next day” pile by the door.

Set out car seat.  

If you have a very young baby, you probably carry them in and out with their car seat. Set the car seat by the door or wherever you usually buckle baby in. I, personally, used to set my car seat on my couch where it was easy to buckle my baby in and I would place all my bags and other items needed for the day next to the car seat so it was all in one place. Now that my baby is older, everything goes by the door.

Adjust this list depending on your situation. The more you can do the night before, the easier your mornings will be.

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