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As we have decided to give our bedroom a makeover, this month, I focused on my bedding.  Your bedding is one of the easiest ways to immediately change up the look of your bedroom.  It can make the room cozier, more fun, brighter and airier, etc. depending on what your goal is.  Your bed is one of the main focal points of your bedroom so putting together a fabulous bed, in my opinion, is one of the first places you should start when redoing a bedroom. 

We have had the same bedding now for about 5 years and it was time for a refresh and an update into a more classy, elegant design.  My husband and I have somewhat different tastes when it comes to the things we love.  He is very into neutrals and older traditional styles while I need color or, at the very least, pops of color and love a bright, airy style.  Needless to say, it takes a long time to find something we both agree on. 

Ignore the wall color. It DOES NOT go with our new design and will be changing promptly. Haha!

In the case of our new bedding, our 2-hour planned shopping excursion turned into a full-day event with multiple trips back and forth between the same stores before coming to an agreement.  But, I am very happy with the results.  Our new bedding has the neutrals he loves with a more elegant design and an ever-so-slight pop of my obsession with rose gold.  Plus, lots of pillows!  I am a “more pillows the merrier” kind of person. 

Here are the pieces we bought for our bedding:

Southern Living Blakely Medallion Comforter Mini Set

The comforter is made of cotton and polyester but feels like linen and is very pleasing to sleep in.  If you have a pet that sleeps with you, I recommend covering it with a sheet at night to keep it clean and unscratched. 

Southern Living Heirloom Linen Euro Sham in Gray

If you have a king size bed, get 3 euro shams (and pillows) as two will not cover the width of your bed.  3 is perfect.

Southern Living Tasseled Boudoir Pillow

We bought two as we have the Kate Spade accent pillow to go in the middle but, on a king size bed, I think it would look really good to have three of these going across the bed.

Luxury Hotel 600 Thread-Count Supima Cotton Sheets

These have been a pleasure to sleep in.  They are soft and look great.  My only complaint is I feel they wrinkle a little more easily than some.  I move a lot and squish my pillow at night so my pillow tends to show the wrinkles more.  I really like the sheets, though!

Kate Spade Dots Dash Collection Floral Sequin Pillow

Love, love, love this pillow!  This was part of my compromise as I originally wanted a bedding set that was a little more colorful.  My husband doesn’t usually like shine or sparkle but a little sparkle is nice so he let me add some sparkle and I chose to a more neutral bedding set.  And, it’s in rose gold which I adore right now!

Now that we have our bedding done, we can focus on the rest of the room.  Our next step is to update the walls, as the new bedding DOES NOT go with our current colors, and start adding in more appropriate accent pieces, curtains, etc.  It’s going to be gorgeous!

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