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Mother’s Day is that special time of year when we get to celebrate the women in our lives that raised us, cared for us, and are always there for us…our mothers.  I adore my mother.  She was always my rock when I was growing up and, now that I am older, she is my best friend.  I would move Heaven and Earth to make her happy and let her know how much she means to me.  With that being said, here are some of my favorite gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year!

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

I am in love with this idea and will be purchasing one for myself. It’s a wearable aromatherapy locket bracelet!  How awesome is that? And it’s pretty.  There are a few other options in this area as well like this bracelet and this necklace. All fantastic!

Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card

This card is gorgeous and if your mother is a fan of cherry trees like mine is, she’ll love it!

Shari’s Berries

These are amazing chocolate covered strawberries that any woman would be lucky to get!

Flowers, cookie bouquets, etc.  This is a great place to get beautiful bouquets for the women in your life this year.

Instant Pot

For the woman who wants a faster way to cook, it doesn’t get any better than an Instant Pot.

Lavender Spa Gift Basket

Lavender is, by far, my favorite scent.  It’s smells amazing and it is the most relaxing of the aromatherapy scents making it a win for overworked mothers everywhere.

“Not A Day Over Fabulous” Coffee Tumbler

My mom and I have words we use constantly, fabulous and divine. Fabulous being the more popular of the two.  That’s why I adore this coffee tumbler.

Mother Daughter Necklace

I love this simple necklace design and the meaning behind it.

#MomLife Coloring Book

For the creative mom that likes to color (like me), this funny coloring book is full of the funny things we think or experience as mothers like “I breed non-sleepers” and “I look so peaceful when my kids are sleeping”.  Make sure to purchase some colored pencils or markers to go with it. 

Kate Posh Picture Frame

I love this picture frame and think it would make a great gift if you if go ahead and put a great picture of you and your mother in it ahead of time. 

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