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Don’t let your thoughts of the problem consume to the point that your eyes are clouded to the solution.

Life isn’t easy. We go through tough challenges, big and small, and sometimes we end up in our own way because we are so focused on the problem that we don’t see how to fix it.

When we become so consumed with the problems we are facing or are seeing, the problems seem to compound and become overwhelming. We start to see evidence of them everywhere even when that “evidence” doesn’t mean what you think it means. That’s because your mind is now tuned in and it is subconsciously looking for evidence.

It’s like when you buy a new car and suddenly start seeing that car everywhere! Or, you keep telling yourself you will never be good at something and then never seem to good at that thing.

If you find yourself facing a challenging situation or problem, take a step back and allow yourself to see past it. Sometimes it can help to write down all your feelings about what is happening to allow your head to clear and open up to the possibilities.

The solution or next step is usually right there in front of you but we become blinded to it when our focus is on the problem itself. Challenge yourself to become a person who immediately starts looking for the solution when faced with a tough problem. You’ll find that life is much more enjoyable and the bad times are not quite as bad.

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