How we think about our life, ourselves, and our surroundings plays a vital role in living a fabulous life. If your mindset is negative or your vision is cloudy it can be very difficult to make decisions, enjoy both the little and the big things, and generally be happy. So, in this section, we focus on creating a fabulous mind and cover everything from setting goals and getting in touch with your creative side to learning to love yourself and finding your inner peace.

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Overcoming Energy Drainers | #noenergy #energy #mentalhealth
I’m a little jealous of my brother’s energy.  He has so much of it.  The boy could be sound asleep
Focus on What You Can Control | #controlyourself #positivity
We live in trying times.  Politically, health-wise, morally.  With so many different opinions, personalities, and an increase in of “me
How to Have Alone Time | You Need Me Time | #metime #alonetime #mentalhealth #stressmanagement
When the going gets tough, the tough have some much-needed alone time.  No one succeeds in life without taking some
Start a Gratitude Journal | Journal Your Way to Thankfulness | #gratitude #thankful #happymind #happylife #findthepositive
With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I thought this would be a good time to talk about gratitude.  Not cliché at all! 

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How to Craft a Personal Mission Statement | Mission Statement | #goals #mission #values
We all have a personal mission statement whether it is in writing or not.  It’s a code, of sorts, that
Goal Setting: A Guide | How to Set and Reach Your Goals | A Guide to Setting and Reaching Your Goals | Goal Setting | #dreamon #dream #goals #success #dreambig
Anything you want to achieve in life is considered a goal.  Even if you don’t think you have any goals,
What To Do If Your Resolutions Have Already Failed | Achieve Your Goals | #goalsetting #resolutions #tryagain
Those of us who make resolutions at the beginning of the year feel like we start the year fresh and
Vision Boards | Create Your Future | Visual Affirmations | #visionboard #visualizethefuture #inspiration #motivation #dreams #goals
I love Vision Boards and have made quite a few over the years but I really got into them during

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