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I have never been one to stick to a schedule of any sort.  I like to do things as inspiration strikes and I tend to do my best work under pressure.  However, now that I have a child and two businesses to work on, flying by the seat of my pants isn’t really an option.  And, honestly, now that I have a basic daily schedule, it has allowed me to really concentrate my creative efforts in other places and free up some of my time.  So, now I think everyone should have one.

Why is a Daily Schedule Important?

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If you are like me, a daily schedule is more of a guideline for your day.  I may not always stick to my schedule completely, but I do tend to get more done and complete my main tasks in an efficient manner when they are written down.  Further, I can quickly and easily see where I have free time for other activities or the ever-important “me time”.  If you are more like my husband, you can’t live without a schedule.  Having one brings structure to your day, allows you to complete all your tasks, and lets you know what you should focus on next.

Write Out Your Main Weekly Activities

I have found that the best way to start your daily schedule is to write down all your typical daily AND weekly tasks.  For example, write down when you bathe, your workouts, meals, work, etc.  Go beyond that, though, and make sure to include small things you do on a daily or weekly basis.  Things like weekly grooming (shaving, tweezing, nails, etc.), children’s activities that you must be present for, etc.  I include time for when I do our bills weekly, order groceries, putting my daughter down for her nap, etc.  I also include some monthly activities like scheduling my dog’s grooming or coloring my hair.  The more detailed you can be, the better the picture of your week will be.

Plug Your Activities into Your Calendar

Now, take your task list and plug those items into your calendar.  Use the calendar on your phone or computer.  I don’t know many people who use a handwritten calendar, but you can use one if you want.  I find an electronic calendar is much easier to use and allows you to easily move your appointments around.  I have a Mac, so I use the calendar on that, but it is synced through a special app to my Samsung phone.  Some of your tasks may already have typical times assigned so plug those in first.  Then add your other tasks in times you think are best to complete them. 

Adjust Your Daily Schedule

Once you have plugged in all your main tasks, adjust as necessary.  As I plugged in all my tasks, I found that some days had more free time then others and it was necessary to move some of my tasks to those days to give me a more even flow and less stress.  Then, as the year progressed and things changed, I was able to easily move other tasks around to accommodate the new tasks.  You will probably find, if this is your first schedule, that you will be changing things around a few times to find the best daily schedule for you.

Now that you have a basic daily schedule, you can see where your free time is and more easily schedule other things, like doctor appointments or other activities, as they come up.  Also, if you take the time to schedule out your grooming and other tasks, you won’t feel as stressed when you realize you haven’t shaved and you’re going to the pool later.  It will probably already be done because you had a reminder right there in your schedule. 

To help get your started, I have created a task list for your to fill in.  Subscribe below for your FREE task list!

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