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This is why we give up.  Weeks like this.  I gained weight.  Gained.  2.3 pounds.  This is the part of starting a diet that we have a hard time getting past.  When it seems that it isn’t working no matter how much work you put into it.  I counted every calorie, stayed within my target, and burned an extra 200-300 calories on top of that each day and gained weight.  It’s beyond frustrating.

I have a few theories.  There is the dreaded “time of the month” where I tend to take on a little water weight and the possibility that my Fitbit isn’t that accurate with the amount of calories I’m burning so I am off on my count.  But, mostly, I think it has more to do with my autoimmune condition.  I have mentioned before that a keto diet is the only diet I have ever been on where I lost weight.  I thought I could tweak it a little, keep my carbs low but not extremely low, and pay attention to my calories but that seems to not be working.

So, once again, I am changing things up.  Starting this week, I am going back to keto.  It will be hard.  I know once I do it for a month or two it will get much easier because my cravings disappear.  It does stay a little tough, though, because I feel it becomes a bit monotonous.  You can only eat meat so many ways.  But I am going to stick it out because I feel my best on it and I lose weight on it.

So, there it is.  I gained weight.  But I am not giving up.  I am simply changing the game plan.

Starting Weight225 lbs.
January Total Weight Loss2.9 lbs.
Current Weight222.1 lbs.
Cruise Goal Weight175 lbs.
Pounds to Go47.1 lbs.

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