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So, last week I talked about how I was sick and didn’t pay much attention to what I was eating.  I was really worried that my carb marathon over the weekend last week would affect my weight loss this week.  But, surprisingly, I still lost 1.2 lbs.!  I am beyond grateful and amazed.

I don’t have a lot to say about this week.  I was still recovering some from being sick but I was as strict as I could be in order to mitigate the effects of going overboard and it worked. 

I will say I am celebrating another little win this week.  Over the last 4-5 years of tracking my weight I have never been able to get under 214.8 before bouncing back up again.  I finally broke that barrier.  Not by much but it is broken, nonetheless.  214.4.  Only 14.5 lbs. to go until I get to Onederland!!

The Numbers

Starting Weight22.5 lbs.
January Weight Loss2.9 lbs.
February Weight Loss7.7 lbs.
Current Weight214.4 lbs.
Cruise Goal Weight175 lbs.
Pounds to Go39.4 lbs.

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