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I was super strict this past week and, you know what, it paid off.  I lost almost 4 lbs. this week!  3.8 to be exact.  It’s just what I needed to keep me going.  I was starting to get a little tired of it all.  Now I have a new boost of enthusiasm. 

Further, I’m glad this past week went well as I don’t think next week’s numbers are going to be that great.  My throat started to feel sore on Thursday night and, by Friday, I was in full blown strep mode.  That’s why this post is up late.  Today’s the first day I could even concentrate on anything.  Needless to say I did not follow any sort of diet.  I ate what I could.  Lots of carbs.  I am not too worried about the impact, though, as the past 10 weeks have taught me that I can sometimes indulge and it seems to boost my weight loss efforts.  We’ll see what happens.

The Numbers

Starting Weight225 lbs.
January Weight Loss2.9 lbs.
February Weight Loss7.7 lbs.
March Weight Loss (So Far)3.8 lbs.
Current Weight210.6 lbs.
Cruise Goal Weight175 lbs.
Pounds to Go35.6 lbs.

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