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I have tried, like so many others, to lose weight for years.  I have counted calories, gone on fasts, attempted fad diets, and read more books than I care to admit.  But nothing has worked.  Or, at least, not for very long.  I discovered I had an autoimmune disorder a few years ago that held some explanation for why it was so hard to lose the weight but, if I’m being honest with myself, that isn’t the only issue. 

I’m a food addict. I love food.  I love trying different foods and, when I find something I love, I like to eat it over and over again.  I think part of it comes down to my personality.  I don’t like boredom or monotony.  I like to have new and different things going on all the time.  It’s something I am working on…learning to like some routine and treating my body the way it deserves to be treated. 

The Plan

To start, here is a little about my current situation.  I am 5’6” and currently weight 225 lbs.  Between the autoimmune disorder, having a baby two years ago, and my unhealthy eating habits, it just continues to go up.  The last time I felt good was at 175 lbs. so that is my goal for the cruise.  The last time I felt really good and looked my best was at 140 lbs. so I have made this my ultimate goal.  However, I am more interested in feeling good in my skin and being able to wear my cute clothes again so, as long as I reach that, I’m good.

The Diet

Last year, I finally found a diet that gives me a lot of energy and actually lets me lose weight.  The Keto Diet.  You can read more about it here. I plan on sticking to this way of eating for the time being adjusting as necessary. No one things works for everyone and there are tweaks I will probably make as the weeks go by to fit this diet to my lifestyle and health. For example, although strict Keto sticks around 20 carbs a day, my husband cannot go below 50 carbs or he gets sick. His body runs off carbs more than mine and he doesn’t have the same side effects like cravings or overeating when he eats carbs. So, he tweaks the diet to work for him.

The Workout

I will be starting the Morning Meltdown 100 workout program today. It’s 100 days straight of workouts ranging from 20 minutes to 30 minutes so perfectly doable with my busy schedule. I started doing the first week of it before the holidays and really enjoyed it but, alas, life got in the way. No more. We’re going to make this happen.

Ultimate Goal – I was between 130 and 140 here.

Here we go…

Each week, I will be entering my stats according to my Cruise Goal Weight to keep track of where I am at and how much I have left in addition to my diet and exercise progress.  I hope you will join me in my new journey and, please, share yours, too.

Beginning Stats:

Starting Weight225 lbs.
Current Weight225 lbs.
Cruise Goal Weight175 lbs.
Pounds to Lose50 lbs

I’m committing to this diet and exercise program until, at the very least, my cruise in May.  Hopefully, I will form healthy habits and changes to my lifestyle along the way to get me to the next goal after the cruise. Each week I will be posting a little bit on how the diet is working, how I feel, and what my current progress is.  I would love for others to join in my journey and share their journeys also.  I may start a Facebook group so we can all encourage each other.  Would that be of interest to you?

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