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I started off with a bang this week.  A full day of strict keto.  Then the “keto flu” hit, nothing sounded good to eat, and we had company.  I was miserable.  I knew I could push through it as I have don’t it before but this time felt a little different.  Through a series of small events I came to the conclusion that I needed to adjust things a little this time around in order to be successful.

We all want instant gratification.  We want quick results and quick rewards and anything that promises those things will pique our interest quick.  Keto has that appeal.  The large number of success stories of people losing a lot of weight quickly immediately makes you want to give it a try.  I had some success on it myself at the beginning of last year.  But it wasn’t sustainable for me long-term. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people who have changed their lifestyles to a keto way of eating.  It does work for a lot of people.  But I have learned that it doesn’t work for me.  But I am glad I did it because I have learned a lot along the way.

Lessons Learned

First, I learned I DO NOT lose weight if I eat more than 50 carbs a day on a regular basis.  Keto is the only diet I have ever really lost weight on and, in the process of adjusting my carbs from strict keto (under 20/day) to more of a low-carb diet, I have found I feel my best and lose weight staying at 50 and under.  Further, eating over 50 carbs causes me to crave them and want to indulge even more so keeping it under 50 saves me from slipping up too much.

Second, I learned there is such a thing as nutritional keto.  The keto I had been doing was more therapeutic and geared toward people with neurological disorders that extreme low carb/high fat diets can help.  Nutritional keto aimed towards weight loss and health and, while it continues to keep your carbs really low, it also keeps you within your calories for the day and does not overdo fat.  Your body has fat to lose so if you need 100 grams of fat a day, according to your macros, then you will actually only aim to eat 70 to 80 grams of fat and let the other 20 to 30 grams come from your body. 

Finally, I have learned to slow down.  I like quick results as much as the next person but I have gone after them for years and years and what do I have to show for it?  Nothing.  So, as much as hurts to slow it down, I’m going to adjust the plan and celebrate all the little successes that come with it.  If I aim to, at least, lose 2 lbs. per week I can lose another 32 lbs. between now and the cruise.  That will put me within 15 lbs. of my goal just based on that.  As of right now, I am still fully confident that I can make my goal by the time we leave. 

The New Plan

I have calculated my new nutritional goals and the new plan is to stick within my calorie range while also keeping my carbs below 50/day and my fat at 80 grams or less a day.  I more or less did that most of this past week and I lost 2.6 pounds!  It’s a win!  We’ll see how this week goes and if I can still lose weight following this plan for the whole week.

The Numbers

Starting Weight225 lbs.
January Weight Loss (So Far)2.6 lbs.
Current Weight222.4 lbs.
Cruise Goal Weight175 lbs.
Pounds to Go47.4 lbs.

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