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Not too long ago, I heard a great story that reminded me about the power your outlook can have on your life.

Two women are working at a factory.  They both have the same job standing by a conveyor belt inspecting each product for defects as it goes by.  As the conveyor belt moves slowly past them, they pick up each product, inspect it, and place the good items back on the belt.  It is boring and tedious work.

Change Your Outlook Change Your Life | Lifestyle Inspiration | Life Goals | Living a Fabulous Life | #positivity #inspiration

They work the same hours on the same days.  In fact, everything is the exact same except for one thing.  Woman 1 was told that at the end of the year she would be paid $30,000.  Woman 2 was told that she would be paid $30 Million.

One day, Woman 1 turns to Woman 2 and say “This job is so boring.  It’s driving me insane.  Is it not killing you?”

Woman 2 looks at Woman 1 with a big smile on her face and says “No!  Not at all!  This is the best job ever.  I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!”

Same boring, tedious job but their expectations for the future are different and it changes the way they perceive life and get through the tough times.

Building Blocks

Now, of course, this is an extreme example.  Money is always a great motivator but the core principle is the same.  Change your outlook, your expectations, your focus…and you can change the way you perceive your life and, most of the time, change your life.  Woman 2 was happier and couldn’t wait to come to work every day because her perception and hope for the future had changed.

Your thoughts are the building blocks of your outlook.  Do you want to build up your outlook with negativity?  With thoughts about how you are too poor, too lazy, unsuccessful, etc.?  Because the more you focus on these types of thoughts, the more real they become.  You want to build your outlook with positive thoughts, dreams, and big goals.  An outlook built with positivity can be one of the biggest motivators there is.


One of the biggest ways to change your outlook is through optimism.  It has been shown that positive thinking, in general, support brain growth and greatly impacts your prefrontal cortex which plays the biggest part in your decision making and social behavior.  Optimistic people tend to make better decisions and be more successful, experience better health, and have better moods.  Pessimism can narrow your focus and cloud your judgement.

Take whatever situation you are in and think of the best possible outcome.  Envision your future.  See it clearly and focus on the good things that are coming your way.  Obviously, you will have hard times and there will be times that you really want to dwell on the negative but try not to.  The more you can focus on the positive, the better you will feel about your situation and the more clearly you will be able to make decisions.  In the end, you can have two people in the exact same situation but the one who focuses on the positives will be happier and feel more fulfilled.  And isn’t that one of the biggest goals in life?

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