A key part have a fabulous life is making sure we are taking care of ourselves. Do we all need to look like supermodels? No. But we do need to be aware of what we are putting into and onto our bodies, how we are treating our bodies, and keeping ourselves healthy.

When we feel good, we are happier. When we take the time to fit in a little exercise, fix our hair, do our makeup, and put on something that makes us happy then we become much more productive, joyful people. It is very difficult to live a fabulous life if you feel like crap. In fact, I would argue that most of living a fabulous life is feeling fabulous in your skin. So, in this section, we focus on things that will help us be our most fabulous physical selves like fitness, diet, and health as well as a few posts here and there on basic beauty and caring for our hair, skin, and nails.

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5-Minute Makeup Routine | Beauty Tips | #makeup #easymakeup #makeupideas #5minutemakeup #makeuproutine

5-Minute Makeup Routine for Busy Mornings

Busy women know that we don't always have time for a full makeup routine. That's why it's important to have ...
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Caring for Winter Skin | Caring for Dry Skin | #dryskin #winter

How to Care for Winter Skin

Ah, the winter season! That lovely time of year when the temperature drops, the snow falls, and you get to ...
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28-Day Leg Challenge | 4-Week Leg Challenge | #exercise #fitness #legs #fabbody

28-Day Leg Challenge

If your workouts have started to get boring and monotonous, consider challenging yourself. Giving yourself a workout challenge to work ...
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The Keto Diet | Fitness Tips | Health and Wellness | Healthy Living | #ketodiet #ketoforbeginners #lifestylechanges #keto

A Guide to The Keto Diet

I started this year off with a bang by diving headfirst into the keto diet in order to get my ...
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Health and Fitness Resolutions You Can Easily Keep | New Year Resolutions | #happynewyear #fitness #health #diet #exercise

Fitness and Health Resolutions You Can Easily Keep

It’s a new year and that means new resolutions.  Everyone has big goals and ideas that they “resolve” to do ...
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Surviving Cold and Flu Season | Cold Symptoms | Flu Symptoms | Treatment for Cold and Flu | #sick #symptoms #cold #flu #survival

Surviving Cold and Flu Season

Ugh! The dreaded Cold and Flu Season is upon us again. I have already been hit, my daughter has just ...
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Sleep: A Guide | Your Guide to Sleep | How Much Sleep Do You Need | #sleep #health #refreshed

Sleep: A Guide

We have all heard that we should get an adequate amount of sleep each night but do you know why? ...
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Tips for Easier Morning Workouts | Make it Easier to Workout in the Morning | #exercise #fitness #morning #fitnesstips

Easier Morning Workouts

If it isn’t easy, I probably won’t do it. One of the hardest things for me to do is get ...
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The Paleo Diet | The Cave Man Diet | A Guide to Paleo | #paleodiet #paleo #diet #health #weightloss

The Paleo Diet: A Guide

A popular diet to follow these days is The Paleo Diet. When I am not doing Keto and actually trying ...
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Fitness Scavenger Hunt | Create Your Own Fitness Scavenger Hunt | Fun Fitness Idea | #exercise #fitness #fitnessroutine #scavengerhunt

Fitness Scavenger Hunt

If you are like me, you get bored somewhat easily from doing the same things over and over again. Therefore, ...
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5 Summer Exercise Ideas | Summer Loving | Summer Fun | #exercise #fitness #summer

5 Summer Exercise Ideas

Summer is the time of year for you to get outside and enjoy the sunshine before it gets cold and ...
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Gym Bag Essentials | What's in Your Gym Bag | What You Need at the Gym | #gymbag #gym #fitness #beauty

Gym Bag Essentials: What’s in Your Gym Bag?

I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. I love how I feel after I go but I hate trying ...
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5 Family Fitness Ideas | Family Fitness | Weekend Fitness | #exercise #family #fitness #weekend

Family Fitness Ideas to Fit Into Your Weekend

We all know fitness is important. But when we have a family, we don’t always feel like we can fit ...
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Quick At-Home Leg Exercises | Toned Legs | Home Fitness | #fitness #exercise #exerciseroutine #thefitlife

Quick At-Home Leg Exercises

A few weeks ago I posted Quick At-Home Arm Exercises. As a follow-up, I thought I would share some quick ...
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Quick At-Home Arm Exercises | Toned Arms | Home Fitness | #fitness #exercise #exerciseroutine #thefitlife

Quick At-Home Arm Exercises

We lead busy lives so sometimes we need quick exercises we can do at home in order to get, and ...
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Keto Fast Food Options | Keto Diet | Fast Food | #keto #healthyeating #weightloss #thefitlife

Fast Food Keto Options

When it comes to eating a keto-compliant diet, it is easier to stick to if you cook at home. However, ...
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Beginner Workout Routine | Exercise Routine | Beginner Exercise | Workout Routine | #workout #fitness #health #exercise

Beginner Workout Routine

I don’t know about you, but I just recently started working out again after a very long absence from the ...
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What I Ate for 1 Week to Lose Weight on Keto | Keto Diet | Eating Plan | Lose Weight | #keto #weightloss

What I Ate on Keto to Lose Weight in 1 Week

The Keto Diet. It seems to be trending right now but that is because it works! In the month of ...
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8 Ways to Spoil and Pamper Yourself | Spoil Yourself | You Deserve to be Spoiled | #pampered #beauty #spoilyourself #treatyoself

8 Ways to Spoil & Pamper Yourself

Women do a lot. We work, we keep house, we raise children, we are constantly busy. We must remember to ...
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5 Alternatives to the Treadmill | Treadmill Alternatives | #cardio #treadmill #fitness

5 Alternatives to the Treadmill

Cardio. It’s super important for keeping the weight off and keeping you from getting winded just walking to the mailbox ...
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5 Minute Morning Stretch | Stretching Routine | #stretching #fitness #thefitlife

5-Minute Morning Stretch

There is nothing like a good stretch in the morning to get your blood flowing. Follow this quick 5-minute stretching ...
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Know Your Skin: Basic Skin Care in 5 Steps (with Tips for Healthy Skin) | Beauty Tips | Lifestyle Inspiration | #skincare #healthyskin #healthyliving

Know Your Skin: Basic Skin Care in 5 Steps (with Tips for Healthy Skin)

Our skin. An amazing organ with such an important function. Skin makes up about 15% of our body weight and ...
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10 Ways Sugar is Ruining Your Health | Fitness Tips | Healthy Living | Life Goals | #sugardetox #sugarfree #healthandwellness

10 Ways Sugar is Ruining Your Health

1. Obesity One of the more obvious way that sugar is ruining your health is its contribution to obesity. Sugar ...
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5 Step Post Workout Beauty Routine | Fitness Tips | Beauty Tips | Living a Fabulous Life | #fitness #beauty #postworkout

5 Step Post-Workout Beauty Routine

For years, I have struggled with working out and not because I don’t like working out. I love the feeling ...
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