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I don’t know about you, but I have a crazy amount of thoughts throughout the day.  Thoughts about life, my child, things I need to do, etc.  It’s constant and it can be unorganized.  I will forget them if I don’t write them down somewhere.  I used to write them down on whatever I could find within arms’ reach.  Of course, then I would lose half of them.  I needed a list-making app that I could easily plug my thoughts into in an organized fashion. Enter Wunderlist!

The Wunderlist App

Best List-Making App to Organize Your Life | Using Wunderlist | #organization #lists #todolist

I adore this app!  It is easy to use and keeps everything organized.  You can create multiple lists for everything imaginable and then enter tasks and subtasks into the list.  There is also a place to add notes and attach a file or photo, if need be.  If you have multiple lists for the same type of category, you can create a Folder to keep these in.  It syncs between an online account (under your e-mail) and your phone app.  You can also share the lists with other Wunderlist users.  Further, there is a widget (for Android users; I’m not sure about Apple) so that you can keep the lists open on your phone. 

Types of Lists

Let me give you a few examples of how this app has helped me:

  • My husband and I share multiple lists.  We created the following:
    • Two Honey-Do Lists so we can add things we need each other to do as we think of them. 
    • We have specific-to-us “Want” lists where we can add things we may want as we see them.  This has been great for Christmas and Birthday shopping or getting each other small gifts throughout the year.
    • We have a Fun Things to Do, Restaurants We Like, and Restaurants to Try lists as well so if we ever blank on what to do, we can simply look at the list of things we enjoy.
  • I have my own personal lists:
    • I have a Weekly To-Do folder with lists for each day of the week to keep track of my recurring tasks.
    • I have a folder for my child that includes lists for routines, diaper bag items, and pediatrician questions I may have for her next visit.
    • I also have lists for yearly goals, potential blog posts, things I need while out of the house, etc.

I know there are other ways of organizing these things but I love having them in one place.  If I need to remind myself of any of them, I use the built-in reminder or I’ll enter a small note in my calendar to check the list for that day.  It has been a life-changer since I started using this app about 5 years ago.  I highly recommend it!

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