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Busy women know that we don’t always have time for a full makeup routine. That’s why it’s important to have a quick 5-minute makeup routine in your arsenal for those days when you need to get up and go. Follow the tips below to create your own 5-minute makeup routine and save yourself some time and stress on busy days.

5-Minute Makeup Routine

Apply a Primer

Primer is a makeup product that is applied to the face before foundation in order to help it go on more smoothly, and to make it last longer. It also helps to cover up any blemishes or uneven patches of skin. I would argue that it is one of the most important products in your makeup bag.

Primer comes in many different varieties, including colorless primers, which are designed to smooth out the skin tone and create a base for your foundation; tinted primers, which provide a bit of color correction and coverage; and shimmery primers, which add a bit of sparkle and glow.

No matter what type of primer you choose, it will help your makeup look better and last longer.

Apply Foundation

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The most important part of a makeup routine is to make your skin look flawless so choosing a great foundation, cc cream, or, for those few lucky women out there, a decent powder is key for heading out the door with very little makeup on. 

A good makeup foundation helps to even out your skin tone, cover blemishes and give your skin a natural looking finish. It is important to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone as closely as possible, and to apply it correctly for the best results.

To apply foundation, start by dotting it all over your face with your fingers. Then, use a brush or sponge to blend it in, starting in the center of your face and working outwards. Be sure to blend well around the hairline and jawline, and to set with powder if needed.

Apply a Blush or Bronzer

A blush or bronzer will help add the color back into your face. A blush can come in many colors so make sure your choose one that complements your skin. For a more natural look, use a bronzer in place of blush.

When applying blush or bronzer, make sure you don’t get heavy handed or you will end up looking like a sick clown. For a natural look, it is best to use a very light hand when applying blush or bronzer. Apply it to the apples of the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. When using bronzer, be sure to avoid the areas around the eyes. The sun does not naturally darken this are so you end up looking weird if you add bronzer.

Apply an Eyeliner

For your eyes, there is no need to spend precious minutes on the perfect shadow. A little liner and mascara can go a long way in giving you a pretty but natural look. Choosing a dark, bold liner will give you a more dramatic look. While a brown liner, or other neutral color that complements your skin tone, can be a softer look.

Eyeliner is a must-have for any makeup look, but it can be intimidating to apply. There are several techniques you can use for the perfect eyeliner application: using liquid liner with an angled brush or pencil with an angled brush; drawing the line from your inner eye corner outwards and upwards (or downwards if you want more of a smoky effect); using gel liner as an alternative to powder or cream liners that have a tendency to crease in the skin around your eyes.

You can also use a pencil. Just make sure it is sharp if you want a more perfect line. You can always smudge it later. And practice the art of applying it without pulling down on your eyelid or tugging at the sensitive skin under your eye. This can create more wrinkles over time.

Once you’ve mastered one technique, experiment with other ones until you find one that works best for you!

Apply Mascara

If you’re a girl who likes to wear makeup, there’s one tool that tops the list of essentials: mascara. It’s an easy way to add some drama and glamour to your eyes with just a few swipes. Even if you choose not to wear and eyeliner, a mascara can go a long way in helping your eyes pop and even gives a slight eyeliner look when applied correctly.

There are a few different types of mascara available on the market, but the two most common are wet and dry. Wet mascaras tend to be more volumizing, while dry mascaras typically offer more lengthening effects.

No matter which type you choose, make sure that the wand is coated with mascara before you apply it to your lashes. This will help avoid clumps and give you a more polished look.

When applying mascara, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand up towards the tips. If you have shorter lashes, use a light touch; for longer lashes, use more pressure. Be sure to coat all of your lashes, including the inner ones near your tear ducts.

Apply a Lip Gloss or Stain

Throw a little lip gloss or stain on your lips at the end to complete the look. If you can’t give up your lipstick, you should still be able to apply it quickly if you don’t need to line your lips. I still recommend having a great go-to gloss to apply on the go and keep in your purse for touch-ups.

When choosing a lip gloss or stain, it is important to find a color that complements your skin tone. Some things to take into consideration when choosing a lip gloss or stain are the color of your outfit and the occasion. If you are going for a natural look, choose a lip gloss or stain that is nude or light in color. If you are feeling bold, go for a bright red or pink lip gloss or stain.

To apply a stain, start by lining your lips with the desired color. While a liner, in general, is not necessary for a neutral color, it can help keep bolder colors from bleeding onto the skin around your lips. Fill in the rest of your lips with the same color.

If you are using a lip gloss, apply it to the center of your lips and blend outward.

Busy Day Makeup or Everyday Makeup – Your Choice

So, there you have it! With a 5-minute makeup routine, you can go from looking like you just woke up to looking polished and put-together. These are just a few tips, but they should give you a good starting point for creating your own look. Whether you need a 5-minute makeup routine for busy days or you need a quick and easy everyday makeup routine, this is a great place to start.

Be sure to experiment with different colors and techniques until you find something that works best for you. And above all, have fun with it!

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